Social Media Management

Social media. Love it or hate it, it’s not recommended you leave it.

Much like the high school hallway, or work water cooler, your reputation will be discussed, so it’s best to proactively cultivate your brand. You’ll also want to address any inaccuracies, or disgruntled patrons or patients armed with a keyboard.

What Can We Do For You?

Short answer: as much, or as little as you want.

If “social’s” your thing, we can monitor the metrics while you wear the creative hat. Too busy to post, but want to control the content? We’re your extra hands. Need some consult on best-practices and someone to take it off your list? (hand her)

We can:

Help you determine, define, refine and manage your online presence content, campaigns and visual feel.

Establish and build your profiles quickly and efficiently.

Create a paid campaign that is specific to your offerings and people who need you – from new faces, past clients, those who have visited your site etc. We create custom audiences, which means that if your prospect is a coffee lover, they’ll see your ad.

Connect that open house party to your social media presence to seamlessly track conversions to attendance or sales.

Monitor and manage your spend and provide reporting that shows you the virtual trail to your door.

Cost: As little as $200 

  • 1x profile(s) set up fee $150 (it’s your account forever)
  • 1 landing page + newsletter account, if needed
  • Additional profiles as determined
  • Paid advertising campaigns: hourly + spend
  • Licensed images (yours forever)
  • Custom content (you are free to re-use, cross-post)
Our programs are specific to you – you won’t see your content in a competitor’s post.
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