Mapping the Method

What we do:

Define the buyer persona: Who is your patient or client?

Determine where they live & what moves them. Engage, cultivate & retain that relationship both on & offline. No wasted money, or unqualified prospects.

Using the psychology of communication, we map & nurture their journey toward your door.

And, then we report back to you with metrics, not promises.

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Best in Class Colleagues

Because of the belief in a multi-phase, multi-channel approach to small business marketing, I have aligned myself with best-in-class colleagues who are metric heavy-hitters. The digital world is complex and ever-changing, so we each maintain expertise in our respective areas.

My area is local search, search engine optimization, social media marketing and content creation, curation & management. I also manage lower budget, simple Adwords accounts and have slashed client spends in half while providing the same results.

My peers are top-of-class in programmatic and re-marketing and complex statistical business analysis. My colleagues and I believe that collaboration will give you the highest quality outcomes, and at a reasonable, growing business price.

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